Quick way to convert any Amazon URL into an Affiliate link?[Recommended]

You can generate Amazon affiliate URL in many ways like using Widgets,banners, product linking URLs by going to your Amazon affiliate account. But there is a simple technique which can quickly convert any Amazon URL into an Associates/affiliate URL is explained below. You don’t need to login to your Amazon affiliate account also. 2 Steps […]

WordPress: Change Category or Tag base URL prefix?

By default, WordPress adds /category/ prefix to category base URL, and /tag/ prefix to tag base URLs. This article shows you how to change them to some meaningful name and get SEO benifits. Ex: example.com/category/CategoryName, example.com/tag/TagName For example if you want to change category LRU base name from /category/ to /topics/ and tag LRU base […]

Remove category base prefix from URLs in WordPress?

remove category prefix option in yoast seo

By default, category URLs in WordPress contain a prefix, usually /category/. Example: http://example.com/category/wordpress. Here /category/ is called category prefix or base. Category URL after removing the prefix is http://example.com/wordpress Many believe that removing category base adds SEO benefits Short and better URLs. Better user experience. Easy to parse, copy and paste Follow below simple steps to remove […]

what happens if robots.txt file is missing? [proof]

Google webmaster tools message when robots.txt file not found on your domain

Robots.txt file is the face of your website for web crawlers and it resides on the root directory of your website. It tells the Web bots or search engines (like google) what to crawl and what not to crawl on your website. You should have a robots.txt file if you want to block certain folders […]

Checklist: 5 Things To Do before installing a wordpress plugin

plugin's details section on wordpress plugin's advanced view page

Goto plugin’s page on wordpress plugins directory, click on Advanced view (see below pic) and check below things before installing a WordPress plugin. 1. Check plugin version On right side of the plugin’s advanced view page, plugin version appears. If the plugin shows Alpha or Beta version, it means it is still in development or […]

How to increase PHP memory in WordPress?

increase php memory limit in wordpress

When PHP memory consumption exceeds the allocated memory, you will get “Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted” or “500 Internal Server Error” .You can increase the PHP memory allocation using WP_MEMORY_LIMIT option. By default, WordPress increases the allocated PHP memory to 40MB for a single site and 64MB for multisite. You can check the […]

Fix “Error establishing a database connection” in WordPress [simple steps]

“Error establishing a database connection” is one of the common WordPress errors while installing/updating WordPress. There are many reasons for this. Following are few reasons and fixes. Incorrect wp-config.php Information Most of the times, the main reason for this issue is incorrect data base details in wp-config.php file. To fix this, a.  Open your site’s […]

How to enable debug mode in wordpress? [using wp-config.php]

Enabling debug mode in wordpress displays the PHP errors, notices and warnings throughout the wordpress site. Developer can easily debug the code errors on wordpress site once the errors info is displayed on error pages. When wordpress is not in debug mode, PHP displays only fatal errors or sometimes it displays nothing (White Screen Of […]

How to limit or disable post revisions in WordPress?

WordPress has autosave feature which creates a post revision for every minute while you edit a post. So, if you take more time to write/edit a post, more post revisions will be created in the database which may slow down your site speed. Website speed is an important factor for Google ranking, optimizing post revisions […]

How to translate WordPress into other language? using [wp-config.php]

language options screenshot in WordPress

English is the default language for WordPress. You can install or translate WordPress in other supported languages. Suppose if you have missed language selection step during installation, you can change the language from English to another language using WP_LANG option on wp-config.php file. Translate WordPress into other language 1. Goto below link to see all available […]