Quick way to find IP address of your network router

image of command prompt showing ip address of network router

Your network router’s web configuration page allows you to configure the settings for your wireless router such as setting password etc. If you want to access web configuration page of your network or Wi-Fi router, then follow below steps. Type CMD in search bar Click on Command Prompt. It’s window opens up. Type ipconfig and […]

Shutdown or Restart remote computer using command prompt

command prompt image showing command to shutdown remote PC

If you are connected to a remote Windows PC or computer, you don’t see sleep or shutdown or restart options on Windows Start  -> Power button. You can see only Disconnect or sign out/logoff options. So you can’t restart the remote PC directly like you do on your computer. But you can RESTART/SHUT DOWN the remote […]

Remove background noise from Audio using free tool

If you recorded some audio and want to remove background noise from the audio, then follow below simple steps. Download AudaCity tool from online and do as per below steps. Record a audio or import an already recorded audio Select the noise profile on the audio as shown below 3. Goto Effect -> select Noise […]

Download PDF file on single click [HTML]

PDF image of make PDF file downloadable on single click in html

If you want to add HTML code to download a PDF file on single click, then keep on reading. If below is the PDF file path http://example.com/download-pdf-file-single-click.pdf Create Text Hyperlink to download PDF then use below html code to create downloadable link on your site <a href=”http://example.com/download-pdf-file-single-click.pdf” download>Download PDF</a> Above code creates a text hyperlink […]

How to create a link to open a PDF file in new tab [HTML]

button link image to open a PDF document in new browser window

Steps to create a HTML link to open a PDF file in new tab. It opens PDF file in new tab on a single click. HTML text link to open a PDF file in new tab For example, below is the PDF file path http://example.com/open-pdf-in-new-tab-html.pdf HTML code to open above PDF file in new window […]

How to Find Animated images in Google search

select animated type image search image

If you want to find only animated images in Google search, follow below steps. Steps: Goto Google Image Search Type the search word (Ex:images) in Google search bar and press ENTER to load the results Now, Click on Tools Click on Type and Select Animated It displays only animated images in the search resultsRead restrict the […]

Restrict Google Image Search results to one Website

google image search bar photo

If you want to search Google images restricted to one website, then follow below steps. Suppose, if you want to limit Google image search results to example.com then do as explained below. Get images within a website Goto Google Image Search Type site:example.com in Google image search bar (see below pic) Click on search button. It […]

Create direct download link for images in WordPress

convert-image-link-to-direct-download-link photo

You can convert an image link to a direct download link in WordPress. Just click on the image to download it directly to your PC. Below are the steps. Steps to convert an image link to direct download link Open the post where you want to convert the image to direct download link Click on […]

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