How to get alternate column data from Excel sheet

Add a row as first row and add numbers in columns as 1,2,1,2 etc. Then highlight your entire range of data. Go to Data menu -> select Sort and Options… Change your Orientation to “Sort Left and Right”. Choose row 1 as sort by and Smallest to Largest. Excel will be changed with alternate column […]

How to backup/Restore blogger blog theme? 2019 [With Images]

Below article guides you on how to backup/restore theme/template on blogger blog with images. This is useful for new blogspot bloggers. Backup blogger blog theme Login to your blogger blog account Goto Theme On top-right, you will see Backup / Restore button. Click on it. 4. Click on Download Theme button. Your blogger template/theme will […]

How to add related posts with thumbnails on blogspot blog? 2019


Below article shows the simple way to add a related posts with thumbnails widget on blogspot blogger. It uses labels to display the related posts below post content. Things to do before blogger blog theme update: Backup blogger blog theme. If you get into any issue after update, you can restore/revert to the original theme. […]

C plus plus code to Print Character using ASCII value


This article provides C plus plus source code to print character using ASCII value. It gets the ASCII value input from user and prints the corresponding character. C++ Source code to print character from ASCII value

Also Check Print ASCII value of a character [C Plus Plus] Resource:

Print ASCII value of a character [C Plus Plus]


Below is the source code to print ASCII value of a character entered by the user. CPP source code to print a character’s ASCII value

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C plus plus code to remove special characters from a string [C++]


Below is the C plus plus source code to remove special characters other than alphabets (excluding upper and lower case letters).

Output:   Check C plus plus code to Extract String between two delimeters

C plus plus code to Extract/Replace String between two delimiters


This article shows the C plus plus (C++) code to extract/replace a sub-string between two delimiters or characters using find and substr functions. Extract String between two delimiters For example, if you want to extract the string between two delimiters “[” and “]” from Sri[nivas]an , then the CPP code will be

Replace String […]

Develop Mobile Apps online without coding

This post tells you how to build mobile and web apps online without any coding required. site provides a visual programming tool where you can build the apps without code. For a quick start, you can go through their tutorials to understand the visual programming tool. After that, you can quickly build production-ready apps.

Easy way to Call C++ function from python

This post teaches you how to call a C++ (cpp) code or function from python. Step 1: Develop a C wrapper for CPP as mentioned below Assume you have a C++ DLL project with CPP files and HPP files Create CLibrary.H and CLibrary.C files and add to C++ DLL project CLibrary.H should contain following code. […]

Easiest ways to find the python version installed on Windows PC


This post teaches you how to find the python version installed on your Windows PC. I used windows 10 here. Related: Easy steps to install Python on Windows Method 1: Using Command Prompt Open command Prompt. Type CMD in Windows search bar and click on Command prompt in the search results. Type python and ENTER. […]