Add column after an existing column in MYSQL

In this tutorial, we show you how to add a column after or before of an existing column in MYSQL. Using ALTER and ADD commands in MYSQL Syntax is given below Example: Adding new column after an existing column

Python selenium script – click a button on web page using xpath

python selenium script to click a button on web page

Python selenium script to open a webpage and click a button automatically using it’s xpath. Example script to open a webpage and click a button In below code, we open home page and click on ‘Subscribe’ button. To use the code replace the URL with yours and replace xpath of your desired button on […]

Steps to find XPath of a button in Google Chrome

Below are the simple steps to find XPath of a button on a web page in Google Chrome. Let’s try to find the XPath of ‘Subscribe’ button on’s homepage. Steps to find XPath of button Open in Google Chrome Right-Click on Subscribe button and click on Inspect 3. Right-Click on the highlighted area […]

Install right version of chrome driver on Windows 10 PC

Google chrome version

Below are the instructions on how to install chrome driver or (webdriver for Chrome) on Windows 10 PC. You have to download the right version of chrome driver, otherwise you will get error like below when you try to run the code using selenium webdriver in Python. SessionNotCreatedException: Message: session not created: This version of […]

Extract all links from webpage using python selenium webdriver

python selenium to extract links from webpage

Python code to extract href links from webpage using Selenium webdriver. If you are using any firewall setting, make sure to whitelist the webpage from where you want to fetch the links or turn off the anti-virus software. Notes: Replace PATH TO WEBDRIVER EXE FILE (on line 4) with the chromedriver.exe path on your PC […]

Create new image in Python | method

You can create a new image in Python using PIL library’s method. Syntax:, size, color) Parameters:mode – type of pixel (RGB, HSV etc). Check the modes supported by Python size – a tuple, (width, height) in pixels color – color of the new image. default is black (=0). Example#1 Creating an image of […]

Python | Download Image from URL

Simplest way to download an image from it’s URL using Python wget module’s download method. Contents Syntax Examples Code#1 Code#2 Prerequisites:1. Install wget library Syntax:, Target Directory (optional)) Parameters: URL – Image URL Example: Target Directory (optional) – Path where downloaded image will be saved. Otherwise, it will be saved to current working […]

Python PIL getpixel() method to get pixel value

Python PIL getpixel() method provides image data at pixel level. You can extract the pixel value by passing it’s (x,y) coordinates. getpixel() Syntax Syntax: getpixel(xy) Parameters: xy, pixel coordinates represented as a tuple (x,y) i.e.(row, column) Returns: a pixel value for single band images (grey-scale images), a tuple of pixel values for multi-layer images. For […]