How to use android mobile camera as webcam

You can use your android mobile camera as webcam. With that, you can have video call, video chat etc on any video based chat or calling application like Yahoo messenger, gtalk, skype etc on your laptop or desktop PC.

There are many softwares available on the internet. I tried SmartCam app. Below are the steps.

Steps to use your android phone cam as webcam

  1. Goto
  2. Download SmartCam_v1_4.exe to your desktop PC or laptop and install it
  3. Goto
  4. Download SmartCamAndroid_v1_4_0.apk and copy to your phone memory and install it on your android mobile phone.
  5. Open SmartCam app which is installed on your PC. Goto File->Settings-> Select connection as TCP/IP (WiFi)-> Note down port number -> Select Video capture codec as None and click on OK button.


                                                         SmartCam settings on desktop PC or on laptop

  6. Open SmartCam app on your android phone. Goto Settings


                                                      SmartCam app in disconnected mode on android phone

  7. In Connection type settings, Select Connection type as TCP/IP (WiFi)


    SmartCam Connection type settings on android phone

  8. In TCP/IP (WiFi) settings, click on Remote server
  • Enter IP address of your PC and click OK button

         To find IP address of your PC

a.  Click on “Start” button

b.  Type CMD in search programs and Files box and press Enter button. CMD window will                  open.


                                 Enter cmd in Search programs and files option

c. Type ipconfig and click on Enter button. You will find your windows IP configuration                       settings


d. Find IPv4 address. This is your PC IP address


                                                                Windows IP configuration :  IP address of your PC

e. Click on Port Number in SmartCam settings on mobile. Enter it (Refer step 5) and click                  OK button


9.  Go back to SmartCam video

10. You will see “Connect WiFi” option beside Settings


  • Click on Connect WiFi
  • Make sure WiFi/internet is enabled on your Android phone.
  1. You will see your mobile cam preview on SmartCam app on you PC. You will see SmartCam – Connected message on SmartCam app on your phone and Connected message on SmartCam app on PC. SmartCam-connected-confirmation-and-previews
  2. If it is desktop PC, make sure your mobile phone is connected to PC using a USB cable.

That’s it. Now you can use this cam as webcam and you can use it for Yahoo messenger video call, Skype etc.

Note: Above steps are using WiFi connection between PC and Android phone. You can use Bluetooth also.

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