Be careful with auto filled username and password

When you sign into Gmail or Yahoo or any other site, if you select “Stay signed in” option or “remember password” options, the login info will be stored in your browser’s cache or settings. So, next time, when you open login page, the username and password will be displayed automatically unless you cleared browser’s cache.

It may be convenient for you, but one shocking fact is others can see your password from the login page. You may think that the password is hidden under asterisks or dots, so, no one can see that even they see login page. But, what you don’t know is that they can see the letters under asterisks or dots on your browser page. Even you don’t need to install an app also for that.

Below are the simple steps

1. Goto login page

2. Right click on the “password” box

login-page-right-click-password3. Click “Inspect Element (Q)”

4. Document inspector window will be opened at the bottom

Note: These steps are for Mozilla Firefox, for chrome,press F12 option to see document inspector window

Document inspector window on web page5. in <input field,double click on type=”Password”, it allows you to edit that field

Passwod-field-document-inspector-window6. Change type=”Password” to type=”text” and clickletters-hidden-under-password-asterisks-dots

7. Immediately, the asterisks in the password box display the letters

8. So, if you leave the login page with auto filled info, by doing above steps others can know your password. So, be careful while selecting auto fill options.


1. Above steps are for Mozilla Firefox browser. Like explained above, you can see password in any browser (press F12 to open document inspector in chrome) by changing input type from ‘password’ to ‘text’ in document inspector window.

2. There is an advantage also with above method. If you repeatedly use auto fill option for login and if you forget your password after long time, you can follow above steps to recover your password.

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