Best wordpress plugin to place adsense ads inside the post

If you are looking for a wordpress plugin to insert ads inside the blog post, Quick Adsense is the best one. Using Quick adsense plugin, you can quickly place the ads anywhere inside or outside the blog post and also on sidebar.

Placing adsense or any other ads inside post increases the CTR and generates more revenue.

You can install the plugin directly using below steps

  1. Goto Plugins -> Add new
  2. Type Quick Adsense in search box and enterQuick-adsense-plugin-keep-ads-inside-the-wordpress-post
  3. Click on Install button to install it

After installation, Goto Settings -> Quick Adsense to configure

Alternately, you can download the plugin at below URL

You can see the screenshot of Quickadsense plugin after installation at below URL

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    1. Glad to hear that this post helped you 🙂

      Using this plugin you can place ads anywhere inside or outside post.

      Can you pls explain if you are looking for any other thing

    1. You can insert ad manually anywhere on your wordpress site using adsense code or text widget. Few themes don’t display ad inside body of the post. In those situations where you want to insert ad other than wordpress provided widget areas, you can install a plugin like quick adsense. Im planning to write a post on how we can insert ads inside post body, header etc without installing a plugin.

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