How to block facebook game requests from friends

If you would like to stop your friends from sending game requests that you don’t play,below are the simple steps to block Facebook game requests and invites.

Blocking invites from friends:

To block game requests and invites from specific friends, follow below steps

1. Click on “Settings” button (see below pic)Facebook-settings-option

2. On left side, click on “Blocking”


3. “Manage Blocking” page will be displayed

4. In “Block app invites”, type the name of your friend in “Block invites from”

Facebook-Block-app-invitesFacebook prevents that person to send game requests. So, you won’t get game requests from that person. Are you thinking if not that friend, some other?. We have a solution for that also. Below are the steps to block a game/app, so that you won’t get that game request from any of your friends. Facebook blocks getting that game/app request/invite permanently.

Blocking game requests permanently

1. In the “Manage Blocking” page, enter the name of game/app in “Block apps” section

Facebook-Block-apps2. Once you block an app, you won’t get requests from that app.

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