10 steps to change nameservers on Godaddy with HostGator nameservers?

If you purchased a hosting plan on HostGator and raised a ticket to migrate your wordpress site from Godaddy to HostGator, after successful migration of your wordpress site content you will get a mail asking you to change the nameservers on GoDaddy with those provided by HostGator in the mail.

Nameservers point to your site where it is located. So, to complete the migration 100% to HostGator, you need to update the nameservers at your domain registrar (GoDaddy).

Normally, in DNS manager, you see that GoDaddy nameservers are read-only (you can’t delete them). Many people get confused here on how to replace he nameservers with HostGator or other nameserves.

Follow below simple steps to change nameservers on GoDaddy

  1. Login to your GoDaddy account
  2. Next to Domains, Click on Manage button. It opens all your domains on GoDaddyGodaddy-domains-manage-button
  3. Make sure you selected “List view” to view your domains (see below pic)Domains-GoDaddy-list-view
  4. Now, select the site whose nameservers you want to change. This selection enables nameservers settings (at top).Name servers-setting-GoDaddy
  5. Click on Nameservers drop-down ->  Set NameserversSet-nameservers-GoDaddy
  6. It opens Nameserver settings popup
  7. Select Setup type as “Custom”Editing-nameservers-GoDaddy-domain
  8. Click on “ADD NAMESERVER”
  9. Enter your HostGator nameservers (received in the mail) , click on OK and SAVE buttons
  10. Done!. GoDaddy nameservers are replaced with HostGator nameservers

It will take around 48-72 hours for the changes to take effect.

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