Quick way to convert any Amazon URL into an Affiliate link?[Recommended]

You can generate Amazon affiliate URL in many ways like using Widgets,banners, product linking URLs by going to your Amazon affiliate account.

But there is a simple technique which can quickly convert any Amazon URL into an Associates/affiliate URL is explained below. You don’t need to login to your Amazon affiliate account also.

2 Steps to convert Amazon URL into an Associates URL

  1. Get any Amazon URL link  Example: https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Machine-NUC8i7HVK-Radeon-Graphics/dp/B07BR5GK1V
  2. Add ?tag=[your-tag-ID] at the end of that URL  Example: https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Machine-NUC8i7HVK-Radeon-Graphics/dp/B07BR5GK1V?tag=ghs48-21


To get your Amazon affiliate tag ID or Store ID

  1. login to your affiliate account.
  2. It displays your store ID at top-right of the page

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