Convert wikipedia pages into a book

bookboWe know that we can get any info on Wikipedia. But, there is something that you may not know is that you can create a book from wiki pages and download it as PDF or ODF.

Below are simple steps

1. Open any Wikipedia page

2. On left side, under Print/export, you can see “Create a book” option. Click on that

Wikipedia-create-a-book-option3. Book Creator page will be displayed

Wikipedia-start-book-creator4. Click on “Start book creator”

5. At the top of page, you can see below options

Wikipedia-pages-book-creator6. If you want to add current page to your book, just click on “Add this page to your book”. It will be added to your book.

7. If you want to see the book, click on “Show book”. Here, you can manage and preview your book. You can add title to your book, create chapters, table of contents, get a printed book from PediaPress and download the book in PDF,ODF,OpenZIM and EPUB formats.

8. After adding a page to book, option “Add this page to your book” changes to “Remove this page from your book”. So, at any time, you can remove that page from the book using this option.

Wikipedia-remove-page-book9. You can also add page to the book without opening it. Just hover the mouse over the link, a popup showing ” add linked wiki page to your book” will be displayed. Just click on that to add to your book.

Mouse-hover-wikipedia-page10. Finally, either download it or order for a printed book.

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