How to create Google analytics account for blog/site

Google analytics account helps you to track your site visitors from all referrers,including social networking sites(Facebook,twitter etc) and search engines (Google,yahoo etc). You can get website statistics,real time traffic details to your site and landing pages,sales or clicks etc.

So, it is important to create a Google analytics account for your website to know its detailed statistics and your website performance.

Steps to create a Google analytics account

1. Goto

2. Sign in with your Google account (gmail) login details

3. Click on Admin

Google-analytics-account-admin4. Click on account drop down

5. You see “Create new account” option, click on that

6. Here, you can choose either website or app to track

7. Setup your account (enter account name,website name,website URL,category,country)


Setup Google analytics account for your website

8. Click on “Get Tracking ID”

9. Select country of your residence and click on “I Accept” button

It creates Google analytics tracking code . Copy the code and paste it on any site or webpage which you want to track.

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