Simple steps to delete or uninstall WordPress theme

Below are the simple steps to delete or uninstall wordpress theme.

Note: Make sure you have one active theme before deleting unnecessary free themes.

Steps to delete or uninstall wordpress theme

  1. Login into your WordPress site
  2. On left side, click on Appearance -> Themes

You will see all the themes installed on your WordPress site


  1. Hover your mouse on the theme which you want to uninstall or delete

You will see Theme details option

  1. Click on Theme details.This brings up a window that shows theme details
  2. At bottom-right corner, Click on Delete buttontheme delete option on wordpress
  3. Click OK to confirm uninstall of theme

Done. You just removed a theme from your WordPress site.

Wait, many times wordpress doesn’t remove the theme files completely. There will be orphan files still in your database, which are bad for your site performance. Follow below instructions to remove those files.


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