2 best ways to download YouTube video’s subtitles

YouTube is the popular online video content platform. Millions of users watch videos on it and many videos are available with subtitles. If you found subtitles for a video only on YouTube and if you want to download, you can’t download the subtitles directly from YouTube. You need a third party online tool or app to download the video’s subtitles.

Below are the apps using which you can easily download YouTube video’s subtitles and use it in any media player to watch the video along with subtitles.

 Keepsubs – web app

The best advantage with this web app is that you can download subtitles file in many languages. It downloads the subtitles file in SRT format which is supported by many media players. You can convert SRT to other formats using some online file converter tools.


  1. Goto http://keepsubs.com/
  2. Enter YouTube video URL and click on “Download” button

 Note:If the YouTube video has subtitles, then only it displays those files

3.  Just click on the file to download.


Google2SRT – Desktop app

This desktop app downloads the YouTube video’s subtitles in around 5 languages based on your selection.


  1. Download Google2SRT tool
  2. Follow the instructions given here

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