WordPress category ID: Two easy ways to find out

Most of the wordpress plugins ask for category IDs to perform your task after their installation.For new wordpress users, it is little bit difficult to know wordpress category ID. But, there are two easy ways to find out WordPress category ID using category name on your site dash board. You don’t need to install a wordpress plugin to know category ID.

1. Category ID in browser’s address bar

a. Goto your wordpress site admin page

b. Click on Posts-> Categories


c. List of your site categories will be displayed. Click on any Category name

d. The category ID will be displayed in your browser’s address bar like shown in below figure wordpress-category-id-in-address-bar

2. Category ID in browser’s status bar

a. Do a and b steps in above procedure

b. List of categories will be displayed

c. Just place your mouse cursor (mouse hover) on any category ID

d. you will see Category ID (like shown below) in browser’s status bar wordpress-category-ID-browser-status-bar

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