Fix broken images on Google plus

If you are seeing broken images on your shared links on Google plus, Facebook, twitter or any other site where you shared the post link, then read below to fix that.
In above case, shared links work. When clicked, they will take you to the correct page on blog or site.

When you share the link on Google plus, it picks one of the images from the post and publishes it on Google plus.
The image address is the path where you uploaded it on your wordpress site when you shared the original link on Google plus.      Ex: /wp-content/uploads/
If you delete the images from that path, then you will see broken images on Google plus or other places where you shared them.

Recently i created a subdomain to host all my site images and moved all the images from /wp-contet/uploads/ folder to
the new address. After moving them, i deleted the images in wp-content/uploads/. When i checked in my Google plus, i observed
that all the images on my previously shared post links were broken.

So, the image links always point to the location where it was stored when you first shared that link on Google plus.You have to think that Google plus can’t redirect your images to the new path. So, never delete the images from old path on your site. Keep a copy of the images at the original location and disallow that folder path in robots.txt file to avoid duplicate content issues. Hope this can help you to fix the broken images issue on Google plus.

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