How to fix ‘homepage changes’ issue on Google Chrome?

If you’re suddenly seeing a new or unknown homepage different from what you had set on Google chrome, it is because of malicious software (malware) you might have installed (unknowingly) on your computer. When you install few softwares, it is installed along with malicious software that runs in the background. That malware may automatically changes your Google chrome home page settings or adds toolbar or unexpected ads on the sites you visit in chrome.

To find and remove such malicious software or extensions that may cause above issues on Google chrome, there is a tool called “Chrome cleanup tool”. This tool scans and removes the malicious software which causes problems with chrome.  It also resets your chrome settings to default.


1.Download Chrome cleanup tool (software removal tool)

2.Double click on downloaded chrome_cleanup_tool.exe file.



If there are no malicious softwares, A window like shown below opens up.


3. Click on “Continue” button

4. It takes you to another pop up like shown below. It asks you to reset Google chrome settings to original defaults. If you click on “Reset” button, it resets chrome homepage,new tab page, search engine etc.


5. Click on “Cancel” button if you don’t want to reset chrome settings.

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