Fixing canonical issue using ‘domain redirect’ feature on Hostgator cPanel

You can fix www vs non-www canonical issue by using 301 domain redirect feature on Hostgator cPanel. Below are the simple steps on how to redirect a domain on Hostgator cPanel.

Redirecting a non-www domain to www

  1. Login to your Hostgator cPanel

          How to Loin to Hostgator cPanel

  1. Fill the data as shown in below figure


  1. Select Type as “Permanent (301)”
  2. Select the domain which you want to redirect
  3. Enter domain name with www. Don’t forget to add http:// before www
  4. Select “Do Not Redirect www.”
  5. Click on “Add” button

Done. Now you can open the site without www in any browser and check it redirects to site with www. It works.

Redirecting a domain to another domain or URL

If you want to redirect the domain to any other domain

  1. Select “Permanent (301)”
  2. Select the domain you want to redirect
  3. Enter the domain name (with or without www) starting with http://
  4. Select “ Redirect with or without www”
  5. Click on “Add” button

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