Windows command to know Wi-Fi password of your current network

When you connect your computer to a WiFi network, first time you will ask the WiFi admin for the password and enters that. If you have selected “automatically connect to this network”, then next time onwards your computer will be connected to that particular WiFi network automatically without re-entering the password.

Suppose, if you want other computer/mobile device to connect to the same WiFi network and you don’t remember the WiFi password then you have to goto WiFi admin to get the password.

But, there is a simple command in windows which shows you the WiFi password of your currently connected network.


  1. Open Command Prompt in Administrator Mode (Click on Windows button -> Type cmd in search box and press ENTER button)
  2. Type below command, replace “dindu” with name of your currently connected WiFi network and press ENTER button

          netsh wlan show profile name=dindu key=clear

Your WiFi password gets displayed under Security settings -> Key Content


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