Restrict Google Image Search results to one Website

If you want to search Google images restricted to one website, then follow below steps. Suppose, if you want to limit Google image search results to then do as explained below.

Get images within a website

  1. Goto Google Image Search
  2. Type in Google image search bar (see below pic)google image search bar photo
  3. Click on search button. It displays the images within

Search images within a site

  1. Suppose, if you want to find images with word “wordpress” within, then type as shown below

    google search bar photo

    Type wordpress to filter image results with word “wordpress”

Exclude images having a specific word

  1. If you want to exclude images having word “blogger”, then type it as shown below. It excludes all images with word “blogger” within site.

google image search bar photo having text to exclude images from search results
Note: I used in above examples. Replace it with the site in which you want to search for images.

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