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Simple setting to turn off community posts appear on your Google+ profile

turn off community posts on Google plus profile

This tip is very helpful for those who normally share posts/content on their Google+ communities. By default, whatever you share with public on Google+, it appears on your profile page. That’s fine. But, if you share the same post on multiple communities where you are a member, then your profile viewers start seeing the same […]

How to fix Google Chrome no sound issue?


Check if you are facing below problems with Google Chrome No audio for the videos played on Google Chrome No sound for YouTube videos on Google Chrome Getting audio for videos on IE and Mozilla, but not on Google Chrome If you are facing any of above problem with Google Chrome, try below steps to […]

Import and export “bookmarks and settings” on Google chrome

In Google chrome, you can import and export bookmarks and settings from another browser or from a bookmarks HTML file. It imports browsing history, bookmarks, search engine settings and saved passwords. Below are the steps: Exporting bookmarks and settings Goto Google chrome menu (Top-right side of browser window) Goto Bookmarks Click on “Bookmark Manager” Click […]

How to change default download location on Google chrome?


By default, the default download location set on Google chrome is your system user downloads folder. If you want to change download location or if you want a folder select pop up for each download, follow below steps. Steps: Click on Chrome menu(Top-right corner of the browser window) Click on Settings Settings open. At bottom, […]

How to fix ‘homepage changes’ issue on Google Chrome?


If you’re suddenly seeing a new or unknown homepage different from what you had set on Google chrome, it is because of malicious software (malware) you might have installed (unknowingly) on your computer. When you install few softwares, it is installed along with malicious software that runs in the background. That malware may automatically changes your Google […]

How to change Gmail background theme?


You can change background theme of your Gmail account. Gmail has already provided few themes from which you can choose one and apply it to add some colors to your Gmail account. Steps: Login into your Gmail account Goto Settings button (at top-right) and click on Themes option List of themes such as color, HD, […]

How to know Google analytics tracking ID ?


If you have already created a Google analytics account for your blogger blog or website and you don’t know what is its Google analytics tracking ID, then follow below steps to know that. Steps 1. Login into Google Analytics 2. After successful login, you see list of your Google analytics accounts created for your blogs […]

How to create Google analytics account for blog/site


Google analytics account helps you to track your site visitors from all referrers,including social networking sites(Facebook,twitter etc) and search engines (Google,yahoo etc). You can get website statistics,real time traffic details to your site and landing pages,sales or clicks etc. So, it is important to create a Google analytics account for your website to know its […]