How to assign a hotkey to Snipping tool in Windows 10?

Snipping tool, a basic screen capturing tool in Windows, allows you to capture any type of screenshots such as free form, window, rectangular and full screen. Unfortunately, there is no keyboard shortcut or hotkey to open the snipping tool. However, we can assign a shortcut key to the tool in Windows. This article explains you on how we can assign a keyboard shortcut to snipping tool which enables us to quickly open it whenever it is required.

Steps to assign hotkey to Snipping tool

  1. Click on Search box (beside Start button) and type Snipping toolsnipping-tool-searching-windows-10
  2. In the results, right-click on Snipping tool  and click on Open file locationadding-keyboard-shortcut-to-snipping-tool-windows-10
  3. Right-click on the Snipping tool shortcut and goto propertieshow-to-assign-keyboard-shortcut-to-snipping-tool-windows-10
  4. Goto Shortcut tab, You will see Shortcut Key set to Nonesnipping-tool-properties-windows-10
  5. Place the cursor in the Shortcut key text box, press CTRL+F12 (Choose your own keyboard shortcut)assign-hotkey-to-snipping-tool-windows-10
  6. Click Apply and OK button.

Done. You just assigned hotkey to snipping tool. Press the assigned hotkey to open snipping tool at any time.

Note: Some shortcut key combinations are already assigned to functions in Windows. Windows will let you know if you choose any of those already assigned key combinations.

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