Easiest ways to find the python version installed on Windows PC

This post teaches you how to find the python version installed on your Windows PC. I used windows 10 here.

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Method 1: Using Command Prompt

  1. Open command Prompt. Type CMD in Windows search bar and click on Command prompt in the search results.open-command-prompt-windows-10
  2. Type python and ENTER. Type python in small letters and press ENTER button. It displays the python version installed on your PC and displays it is of 32-bit or 64-bit.
python version on windows command prompt
Windows command prompt showing python version

Method 2: Using Windows PowerShell

  1. Open Windows PowerShell. Type powerShell on windows search bar and click on Windows PowerShell App in the search resultsopen-powershell-from-windows-search-bar
  2. Check Python version. Type python and press ENTER. It displays the version of python installed on your PC.
python version on windows powershell

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