How to fix Google Chrome no sound issue?

Check if you are facing below problems with Google Chrome

  1. No audio for the videos played on Google Chrome
  2. No sound for YouTube videos on Google Chrome
  3. Getting audio for videos on IE and Mozilla, but not on Google Chrome

If you are facing any of above problem with Google Chrome, try below steps to fix it.

Steps to fix audio problem on YouTube/Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser

Step 2: Copy chrome://plugins/, paste it in the browser address bar and press Enter button


Solving Google chrome sound issue by disabling plugins

Step 3: Find and disable Adobe Flash Player plugin

Step 4: Close and reopen Google Chrome

Step 5: Open any video in YouTube or any other and check for its audio, It works.

Step 6: If still there is no audio, disable all plugins and check. If it works, then enable plugins one-by-one and find which plugin is blocking the audio and disable it.

If your problem is not fixed by following above steps and you find any new way to solve the issue, please let us know.

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