How to fix “This webpage has too many redirects” error on wordpress?

webpage-has-too-many-redirects-wordpress-errorIf you see “This webpage has too many redirects” or “This webpage has a redirect loop” wordpress error while opening any web page or site, then follow the steps explained in this article. This error will be shown differently on different browsers.

On Firefox:

“The page isn’t redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete”

On Google Chrome:

“This webpage has too many redirects”

Why “This webpage has too many redirects” error occurs on WordPress?

There are many reasons. This error occurs mainly due to misconfiguration of redirection feature. When you install WordPress, on server side, you have to select your preferred domain URL (with or without www). Also, several WordPress plugins like WordPress SEO use redirection functionality. If the redirection (between www and non-www) is not properly configured, like www to non-www in one plugin and non-www to www in another plugin, then the webpage may end up redirecting between two URLs and finally “Too many redirects” error will be shown to the user.

Solving Too Many redirects error in wordpress

  1. Clear cookies and web cache on your web browser (Ex: Google chrome) and try reloading the page. Doesn’t work?
  2. Open the webpage in another browser like IE or Firefox. If it works, the issue was with the  browser(in step 1)/extensions on the browser. No luck? Goto next step.
  3. By default, most of the web hosting providers assign domain URL without www prefix (i.e., allow you to add www prefix to your domain URL if you wish to use it as But, if you had selected domain URL as (adding www prefix) on server side and in wordpress settings, then it will cause the error.                                                                                       That is, when a user comes to , it will be redirected to due to server’s configuration and then they will be redirected back to due to your settings in wordpress. This loop continues, the browser will be trapped between two URLs and “Webpage has too many redirects” error will be shown.

So, if you had selected your domain URL without www prefix, make below changes in WordPress settings.

Goto Settings->General and set WordPress Address (URL) and site Address (URL) to                                 

Else, add


If you are not able to access the WordPress login page, then add below lines (If domain URL is without               www prefix) in your wpconfig.php file via FTP.



  1. If the above step also doesn’t solve the issue, try deactivating all the plugins and see whether you can open the webpage. If you are able to open, try to activate the plugins one-by-one, reload the page each time and see which is causing the issue. If you found the bad plugin, then deactivate, delete it and reinstall. If you get the problem even after re-installing it, try to contact the plugin developer.
  2. Sometimes, WordPress upgrade creates this issue. If you have recently upgraded WordPress, try to downgrade it and check the problem was with WordPress upgrade. If it is, don’t upgrade until a next new version is available.

If none of the above steps solve your problem,it may be on the server side. Talk to your web hosting provider. If they don’t help, switch the hosts :).

If you find any other solution other than what I explained, please share.

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