Simple steps to install pygame on windows [using pip]

Below are the simple steps to install pygame on Windows Operating system.

  1. Install Python on Windows if you have not installed it
  2. Goto download pygame
  3. Goto Navigation Files -> click Download files
  4. Download the latest version of pygame source file (.tar.gz file)
  5. Download the pygame package by clicking on pygame.x.x.x.tar.gz file link (x.x.x is version number)
  6. Extract the downloaded TAR file (recommended to extract it to python folder on C drive) Note: When you extract the file, extracted folder contains pygame.x.x.x.tar. You need to extract it again to get the installation files.
  7. Open command prompt or Powershell
  8. Navigate to the folder that you extracted in step 6 (folder contains below files)
  9. type below command and ENTER

pip install pygame

That’s it. It will be installed on Windows.

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