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Quick way to find IP address of your network router

image of command prompt showing ip address of network router

Your network router’s web configuration page allows you to configure the settings for your wireless router such as setting password etc. If you want to access web configuration page of your network or Wi-Fi router, then follow below steps. Type CMD in search bar Click on Command Prompt. It’s window opens up. Type ipconfig and […]

Download PDF file on single click [HTML]

PDF image of make PDF file downloadable on single click in html

If you want to add HTML code to download a PDF file on single click, then keep on reading. If below is the PDF file path Create Text Hyperlink to download PDF then use below html code to create downloadable link on your site <a href=”” download>Download PDF</a> Above code creates a text hyperlink […]

How to create a link to open a PDF file in new tab [HTML]

button link image to open a PDF document in new browser window

Steps to create a HTML link to open a PDF file in new tab. It opens PDF file in new tab on a single click. HTML text link to open a PDF file in new tab For example, below is the PDF file path HTML code to open above PDF file in new window […]

One step to filter unread messages in MS outlook?


You can filter all the unread messages in MS outlook. Follow below steps if you would like to see only unread messages. Step: Goto navigation pane (left-side). Under Search folders, click on “Unread Mail” search folder ( see below pic) It displays all the unread mails across all your outlook folders.

How to download videos from Instagram?


Below are the simple steps to download videos from Instagram. You can download videos posted on Instagram. Steps: Right-click on the video Select “Copy Link address” Goto Zasasa Paste the Link address Click Download! Click on “Download Video (MP4 file)!” Done. The video downloads to your PC/Mobile Phone. Note: Above steps tested on Google Chrome browser.

How to fix Google Chrome no sound issue?


Check if you are facing below problems with Google Chrome No audio for the videos played on Google Chrome No sound for YouTube videos on Google Chrome Getting audio for videos on IE and Mozilla, but not on Google Chrome If you are facing any of above problem with Google Chrome, try below steps to […]

How to add Amazon affiliate link to an Image? [with pics]


Amazon affiliate marketing program is a great way to make huge online income. You can add affiliate links to the text, image, provide text and image links in your blog/wordpress posts. Below are the simple steps to add Amazon affiliate link to an image. Login to your Amazon affiliate account A page like below opens […]