[solved] Find and replace with capitals problem in MS word 2007

Recently, I got into an issue. I need to replace “Visual Basic” with “Visual Basic [VB]” in a word document. So, I used Find and Replace option to perform above thing. But, after replacement, all the letters were in capital like “VISUAL BASIC [VB]” instead of “Visual Basic [VB]”.

I tried different options to replace all capitals with the format I want using Find and Replace option, but it didn’t work. There were around 60 replacements in the doc.

Finally, I followed below simple steps to replace “VISUAL BASIC [VB]” with “Visual Basic [VB]”.

  1. Press CTRL+F
  2. Click Replace button
  3. Entered the data like shown in below figure. Check “Match case” box and click “No formatting” button (options to be changed are highlighted in yellow color)


  1. Now click “replace” or “Replace all” button.

Done. Letters will be replaced as you typed in Replace text box without any formatting (capitals).

Note: You can simply open original doc and follow above steps to Find “Visual Basic” and replace it with “Visual Basic [VB]” without capitalization.

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