Listen to PDF files with “Read Out Loud” tool on Adobe Acrobat Reader?

“Read Out Loud” is a free Text-To-Speech tool, a built in feature in Adobe acrobat reader (6.0 or later) that plays back text in a spoken voice.

Things to check in order to use “Read Out Loud” tool

  1. Adobe Acrobat version should be 6.0 or later
  2. The Text-To-Speech engine should be installed on operating system.
  3. Document accessibility. If it not accessible/readable, then the text-to-speech tool may not read it properly.

Steps to use “Read Out Loud” tool on Adobe acrobat reader

  1. Open PDF file in Adobe acrobat reader (6.0 or later)
  2. Goto View -> Read Out Loud. Click on “Activate Read Out Loud”Listen-PDF-document-Read-out-loud-featue-activation
  3. Click on Read This Page Only/Read To End of Document to listen to the current page/whole document respectively.Read-document-voice-Read-out-loud-PDF

Note: Once you select the options in step 3, Pause and Stop options will be enabled for you.

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