Create direct download link for images in WordPress

You can convert an image link to a direct download link in WordPress. Just click on the image to download it directly to your PC. Below are the steps.

Steps to convert an image link to direct download link

  1. Open the post where you want to convert the image to direct download link
  2. Click on Edit post
  3. Select the image which is embedded in your post. Image options will popup.
  4. Click on image “Edit” button. Image Details window opensimage edit button photo in wordpress
  5. Under Display settings, Click on Link To drop down and Select Media Fileimage details window to select Link to Media file
  6. Click on “Update” button (Right bottom). This inserts the image link into your post.
  7. Click on Text tab on postText-mode-wordpress photo
  8. Search for image link.You will see the image link like below oneimage link photo in wordpress
  9. Now add “download” to the image link as shown below. Make sure you add it before “>”convert-image-link-to-direct-download-link photo
  10. That’s it. Publish your post, View the post and click on the image
  11. The image will be downloaded directly. No need of second click to download.

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