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2 easy ways to compare cells string data in excel

This article explains how to compare two cells of text string value. There are two easy ways to compare the cells having text strings in excel. Using EXACT function This function compares two text strings and returns TRUE if they are exactly equal, FALSE otherwise. EXACT function does case sensitive comparison/match i.e. it treats Why […]

Check if a cell value contains capital letter in Excel


If you want to check if a cell value (text string) contains at least one uppercase letter in excel, then use below function. =NOT(EXACT(LOWER(A1),A1)) Note: A1 is the cell number Above function returns TRUE if the cell value contains atleast one uppercase letter FALSE if the cell value has all lowercase letters         […]

VBA macro to remove duplicates from each individual column [Excel]


VBA macro to remove duplicates from each individual column in excel sheet. This simple macro,  just single line syntax, treats each column as a separate entity and removes all duplicates from each column and keeps only unique values. Also see VBA macro to delete empty columns VBA macro code to remove duplicates from each column Sub removeDuplicatesFromEachIndividualColumn() ‘ […]

VBA macro to remove special characters from a string in excel


Simple VBA macro code to remove special characters from a string in excel. You can remove either all special characters or choose which special characters to remove from the string. This macro retrieves each character from the string and checks whether it belongs to A-Z,a-z,0-9 or a space.If it belongs then it stores them into another […]