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[solved] Find and replace with capitals problem in MS word 2007


Recently, I got into an issue. I need to replace “Visual Basic” with “Visual Basic [VB]” in a word document. So, I used Find and Replace option to perform above thing. But, after replacement, all the letters were in capital like “VISUAL BASIC [VB]” instead of “Visual Basic [VB]”. I tried different options to replace […]

How to show developer tab in MS word 2007 ribbon?


To show/add developer tab in MS word 2007 ribbon, follow below steps. 1. Click on office button, you will get options like shown in below figure. 2. Click “Word options”  at bottom 3. Click Popular button at top-left 4. On right-side, check “Show Developer tab in the ribbon” option 5. Click OK button Now, you can see Developer […]

How to change the page orientation of a single page in MS word 2007?


Changing page orientation of all pages, either from Landscape to Portrait or from Portrait to Landscape, in MS word is easy. You can do it directly with Page layout -> Orientation option. But, if you want to change the page orientation of a single page in a document or if you want to keep landscape orientation […]

How to open two excel files side by side or in two different windows?


If you want to open two excel files side by side (or) in two different windows to make it easy for file comparison or to find the differences between them, then follow below steps. I saw few people struggling when they want to do something (compare/copy-paste/finding differences) between two excel files. They open two excel […]