NextGen gallery images upload problem [Solved]

Recently, I upgraded my wordpress site from 4.1 to 4.2 version, updated my theme and updated NextGen gallery plugin. It thrown 500- Internal server error when I tried to update NextGen gallery plugin automatically from wp-admin page. So, I updated the plugin manually using FTP.

The Nextgen gallery plugin, which was working fine for uploading the images before I performed above steps, started showing errors like images were not uploaded to galleries.It was throwing “HTTP error” and upload complete “0 images were uploaded”.


Even gallery was created, only one photo was uploaded. I have updated wordpress and all the plugins. But, same error. Then i came across a temporary solution to create the NextGen gallery with all the images which we can attach in post.

This article explains how to create a NextGen gallery when you get above errors. The created gallery can be used in your posts for publishing.


  1. Deactivate and delete NextGen gallery plugin from the wordpress site
  2. Try to install NextGen gallery plugin from wp-admin page
  3. If it fails to install, then do it manually (via FTP)
  4. To create a gallery, Goto Gallery on left sidebar in wp-admin pageNextGen-Gallery-option-wp-admin-page
  5. Click on Manage GalleriesGallery-Manage-galleries-option
  6. Click on Add new galleryAdd-new-gallery-NextGen-gallery-plugin
  7. Enter Gallery name and click OK button
  8. Gallery will be created successfully.
  9. Now, upload images using FTP into the above folder. You can see above folder in WP-content -> Gallery folder
  10. After successful upload of images using FTP into above folder, Open wp-admin page
  11. Goto Gallery -> Manage Galleries
  12. Click on Gallery that you have created (step 6)
  13. In Gallery settings, click on “Scan Folder for new images”. Ignore, if you get “500 – Internal server error”.Scan-folder-for-new-images-wordpress
  14. Goto wp-admin page
  15. Your gallery is ready now. You can use it successfully in your post.
  16. Create a new post, insert the Gallery, preview and see the results.

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