VBA code to read a character within a string


VBA code to read a character within a string. Case 1: Suppose the string is “ Excel VBA macro”, and you want to read a character before BA (i.e. V) within that string. VBA code:

When you run above macro, below message box is displayed.   Case 2: Suppose the string is too long and […]

NextGen gallery images upload problem [Solved]


Recently, I upgraded my wordpress site from 4.1 to 4.2 version, updated my theme and updated NextGen gallery plugin. It thrown 500- Internal server error when I tried to update NextGen gallery plugin automatically from wp-admin page. So, I updated the plugin manually using FTP. The Nextgen gallery plugin, which was working fine for uploading […]

VBA macro to replace string between two delimiters within a string

Excel VBA macro to replace string between two delimiters within a string or text line. This article also explains the usage of Replace function in excel VBA macro. VBA code:

VBA macro to extract string between two delimiters in a text file


Excel VBA macro to extract string between two delimiters in a text file. This macro extracts string between two delimiters within a string even it contains multiple delimiters. VBA code:

 Note: If you get any compilation error, highlighting any special character, then delete it and                     […]

How to hide a file or folder on windows 7?


By default, all the files are unhidden or visible on windows. You can make a file or folder hidden or visible by changing its properties. Steps to hide a file or folder on windows 7 Right click on the folder Click on Properties In Attributes, Select Hidden checkbox Click on Apply If the selected folder contains […]

How to change Gmail background theme?


You can change background theme of your Gmail account. Gmail has already provided few themes from which you can choose one and apply it to add some colors to your Gmail account. Steps: Login into your Gmail account Goto Settings button (at top-right) and click on Themes option List of themes such as color, HD, […]

How to use android mobile camera as webcam


You can use your android mobile camera as webcam. With that, you can have video call, video chat etc on any video based chat or calling application like Yahoo messenger, gtalk, skype etc on your laptop or desktop PC. There are many softwares available on the internet. I tried SmartCam app. Below are the steps. […]

7 steps to update wordpress manually


If you are not able to update wordpress automatically, then try steps in below article https://gethowstuff.com/fix-wordpress-auto-update-fail/ If you are still not able to fix the wordpress auto update issue, then install/update wordpress manually. Steps to update wordpress manually Download the latest wordpress version from https://wordpress.org/download/ It is a zip file. Unzip it. Inside the folder, you will […]

How to fix wordpress auto update fail

In my previous post, I explained how to fix “briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute” wordpress error. After carefully following those steps, I observed that my problem was fixed but some links on my site didn’t work ex: categories and tags. The reason is that the wordpress auto update was interrupted and databases were also […]

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