Import and export “bookmarks and settings” on Google chrome

In Google chrome, you can import and export bookmarks and settings from another browser or from a bookmarks HTML file. It imports browsing history, bookmarks, search engine settings and saved passwords. Below are the steps: Exporting bookmarks and settings Goto Google chrome menu (Top-right side of browser window) Goto Bookmarks Click on “Bookmark Manager” Click […]

How to change default download location on Google chrome?


By default, the default download location set on Google chrome is your system user downloads folder. If you want to change download location or if you want a folder select pop up for each download, follow below steps. Steps: Click on Chrome menu(Top-right corner of the browser window) Click on Settings Settings open. At bottom, […]

How to fix ‘homepage changes’ issue on Google Chrome?


If you’re suddenly seeing a new or unknown homepage different from what you had set on Google chrome, it is because of malicious software (malware) you might have installed (unknowingly) on your computer. When you install few softwares, it is installed along with malicious software that runs in the background. That malware may automatically changes your Google […]

How to show summary of each article in feed in wordpress?


A feed (Atom, RSS etc) provides updated content to the subscribers and brings more traffic to your site. But, if the feed contains full article instead of summary, the subscriber may not visit your site as he/she can see the full content in the feed itself. So, check your feed and if it is showing […]

WordPress plugin to display latest posts from other blog/site

Feedzy RSS feeds, a wordpress plugin to display the latest posts from other blog/website on your wordpress site. This plugin also displays recent posts with thumbnails with post featured images or first image in the content. steps: Install FEEDZY RSS Feeds plugin and activate it Goto Appearance -> Widgets . You will see Feedzy RSS […]

How to add Amazon affiliate link to an Image? [with pics]


Amazon affiliate marketing program is a great way to make huge online income. You can add affiliate links to the text, image, provide text and image links in your blog/wordpress posts. Below are the simple steps to add Amazon affiliate link to an image. Login to your Amazon affiliate account A page like below opens […]

2 best ways to download YouTube video’s subtitles


YouTube is the popular online video content platform. Millions of users watch videos on it and many videos are available with subtitles. If you found subtitles for a video only on YouTube and if you want to download, you can’t download the subtitles directly from YouTube. You need a third party online tool or app […]