How to know Google analytics tracking ID ?


If you have already created a Google analytics account for your blogger blog or website and you don’t know what is its Google analytics tracking ID, then follow below steps to know that. Steps 1. Login into Google Analytics 2. After successful login, you see list of your Google analytics accounts created for your blogs […]

How to setup Google analytics on blogger-5 steps (images)


If your blog is hosted on blogger, follow below steps to setup Google analytics for your blog. So that,you can track the traffic to your blog and get real time statistics. 1. Login into Google Analytics 2. Get Google Analytics Tracking ID for your site 3. Goto blogger account 4. Goto Settings->Others tab 5. Enter […]

How to create Google analytics account for blog/site


Google analytics account helps you to track your site visitors from all referrers,including social networking sites(Facebook,twitter etc) and search engines (Google,yahoo etc). You can get website statistics,real time traffic details to your site and landing pages,sales or clicks etc. So, it is important to create a Google analytics account for your website to know its […]

Be careful with auto filled username and password


When you sign into Gmail or Yahoo or any other site, if you select “Stay signed in” option or “remember password” options, the login info will be stored in your browser’s cache or settings. So, next time, when you open login page, the username and password will be displayed automatically unless you cleared browser’s cache. […]

How to display an image banner if adblockers block adsense ad

Blocking ads using Ad blocking softwares or using browser extensions is growing at high speed. Adblock and Adblock plus etc are examples. Users may enjoy the website content without getting any popup ads or annoying ads, but it is a pain point for publishers who rely on Google adsense or other online website monetizing programs. When […]

How to check an email address is valid or not?


If you ask anyone to check whether an email address is valid or not?, immediately they will send a test mail to that email address and wait for some time. If the message bounces, it is confirmed that email address is invalid or doesn’t exist. It takes sometime. But there are quick and easy ways […]

Convert wikipedia pages into a book


bookboWe know that we can get any info on Wikipedia. But, there is something that you may not know is that you can create a book from wiki pages and download it as PDF or ODF. Below are simple steps 1. Open any Wikipedia page 2. On left side, under Print/export, you can see “Create […]

How to block facebook game requests from friends


If you would like to stop your friends from sending game requests that you don’t play,below are the simple steps to block Facebook game requests and invites. Blocking invites from friends: To block game requests and invites from specific friends, follow below steps 1. Click on “Settings” button (see below pic) 2. On left side, […]

WordPress category ID: Two easy ways to find out


Most of the wordpress plugins ask for category IDs to perform your task after their installation.For new wordpress users, it is little bit difficult to know wordpress category ID. But, there are two easy ways to find out WordPress category ID using category name on your site dash board. You don’t need to install a […]

10 steps to transfer Adsense account to other gmail account


You can move your adsense account from one gmail account to another gmail account. Here ‘move’ means changing the admin of your adsense account from one gmail account to other. See what are the powers of Google adsense account admin and his/her role Below are the simple steps. 1. Login into your existing Adsense account. […]

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