How to fix wordpress auto update fail

In my previous post, I explained how to fix “briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute” wordpress error. After carefully following those steps, I observed that my problem was fixed but some links on my site didn’t work ex: categories and tags. The reason is that the wordpress auto update was interrupted and databases were also […]

Fix Yoast SEO xml sitemap throwing 404 error – Simple & easy

There are many reasons for the Yoast wordpress SEO plugin xml sitemap throwing 404 error. It’s a simple fix. If whatever the options given at SEO -> xml sitemaps don’t exist or never created, then probably it will throw 404 error (Page not found) when you open xml sitemap. Just check (select) pages and Media in exclude post types  (if they are […]

VBA macro for auto outlook email encryption

VBA macro to perform auto outlook email encryption based on user input while sending an outlook mail. This macro runs in the background when user clicks on send button. What this macro does? 1. Checks whether the outlook mail is already encrypted manually by the sender 2. If the mail is already encrypted, then this macro […]

Re import all posts from blogger to wordpress


Suppose you imported all the posts from blogger to wordpress site and at the end, you found that something went wrong. If you want to re import all posts from blogger to wordpress, then follow below steps. Steps: 1. Goto Tools -> import 2. Click “Blogger” 3. Look at the blogger from where you want to reimport […]

How to show developer tab in MS word 2007 ribbon?


To show/add developer tab in MS word 2007 ribbon, follow below steps. 1. Click on office button, you will get options like shown in below figure. 2. Click “Word options”  at bottom 3. Click Popular button at top-left 4. On right-side, check “Show Developer tab in the ribbon” option 5. Click OK button Now, you can see Developer […]

How to redirect image URL to its post URL in wordpress


In wordpress, each image is stored as a post in database and a URL is assigned to it. When someone finds an image in the search results and clicks on it, then only the image opens in a browser window; not the post which has that image. It affects your image SEO traffic because search engines could […]

How to change the page orientation of a single page in MS word 2007?


Changing page orientation of all pages, either from Landscape to Portrait or from Portrait to Landscape, in MS word is easy. You can do it directly with Page layout -> Orientation option. But, if you want to change the page orientation of a single page in a document or if you want to keep landscape orientation […]

How to open two excel files side by side or in two different windows?


If you want to open two excel files side by side (or) in two different windows to make it easy for file comparison or to find the differences between them, then follow below steps. I saw few people struggling when they want to do something (compare/copy-paste/finding differences) between two excel files. They open two excel […]