How to redirect image URL to its post URL in wordpress


In wordpress, each image is stored as a post in database and a URL is assigned to it. When someone finds an image in the search results and clicks on it, then only the image opens in a browser window; not the post which has that image. It affects your image SEO traffic because search engines could […]

How to change the page orientation of a single page in MS word 2007?


Changing page orientation of all pages, either from Landscape to Portrait or from Portrait to Landscape, in MS word is easy. You can do it directly with Page layout -> Orientation option. But, if you want to change the page orientation of a single page in a document or if you want to keep landscape orientation […]

How to open two excel files side by side or in two different windows?


If you want to open two excel files side by side (or) in two different windows to make it easy for file comparison or to find the differences between them, then follow below steps. I saw few people struggling when they want to do something (compare/copy-paste/finding differences) between two excel files. They open two excel […]

Set up canonical URL on plesk


If you have www and non-www URLs, search engines can’t decide which one to show in search results. This is because of duplicate content,even though both URLs are technically different and It affects your site ranking as the popularity of content splits between multiple URLs having same content. To get rid of this, you should […]

How to know Google analytics tracking ID ?


If you have already created a Google analytics account for your blogger blog or website and you don’t know what is its Google analytics tracking ID, then follow below steps to know that. Steps 1. Login into Google Analytics 2. After successful login, you see list of your Google analytics accounts created for your blogs […]

How to setup Google analytics on blogger-5 steps (images)


If your blog is hosted on blogger, follow below steps to setup Google analytics for your blog. So that,you can track the traffic to your blog and get real time statistics. 1. Login into Google Analytics 2. Get Google Analytics Tracking ID for your site 3. Goto blogger account 4. Goto Settings->Others tab 5. Enter […]

How to create Google analytics account for blog/site


Google analytics account helps you to track your site visitors from all referrers,including social networking sites(Facebook,twitter etc) and search engines (Google,yahoo etc). You can get website statistics,real time traffic details to your site and landing pages,sales or clicks etc. So, it is important to create a Google analytics account for your website to know its […]

Be careful with auto filled username and password


When you sign into Gmail or Yahoo or any other site, if you select “Stay signed in” option or “remember password” options, the login info will be stored in your browser’s cache or settings. So, next time, when you open login page, the username and password will be displayed automatically unless you cleared browser’s cache. […]

How to display an image banner if adblockers block adsense ad

Blocking ads using Ad blocking softwares or using browser extensions is growing at high speed. Adblock and Adblock plus etc are examples. Users may enjoy the website content without getting any popup ads or annoying ads, but it is a pain point for publishers who rely on Google adsense or other online website monetizing programs. When […]