Fix broken images on Google plus

If you are seeing broken images on your shared links on Google plus, Facebook, twitter or any other site where you shared the post link, then read below to fix that. In above case, shared links work. When clicked, they will take you to the correct page on blog or site. When you share the […]

Save mobile data with Google’s Datally

google's new app datally screenshots

Datally, an Android app from Google, helps you to monitor, control and save your mobile data on smart phone. It saves your mobile data from eating by other apps on your smart phone. This app is available globally in Google play store for all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher. Google have been testing […]

Delete old Windows installation files to save memory on your computer


If you have installed/updated windows new version , delete old windows installation files by following below steps to save lot of memory on your PC or laptop Goto Windows start menu -> search for “Disk cleanup” and Run 2.Hit ‘ cleanup system files’ 3.wait for it to calculate 4.Locate ‘ previous windows installations’ 5. Select […]

3 Steps to disable lock screen on windows


Disable lock screen on Microsoft windows operating system in 3 simple steps. You can prevent your PC from screen lock. Steps to disable windows lock screen 1. Goto C:\Windows\SystemApps 2. Look for Microsoft.LockApp_cw5nlh2txyewy3. add   .bak to end of that folder name That’s it. Windows lock screen is disabled. Notes: 1. You can’t disable this for […]

Find videos with subtitles only on YouTube

search keyword to filter videos with subtitles

If you want videos with subtitles only on YouTube, then add CC  to your search query. It displays only videos with subtitles. Example: Movie, CC Add long or short (comma separated) to filter long (> 20 min) or short (<4 min) videos.

How to find long videos only on YouTube?

query to find long videos on YouTube

Simple search query to find only long videos (more than 20 minutes) in YouTube search results. Add keyword long to the search query. Example: prank, long If you want only short videos (less than 4 minutes) in search results , then use keyword Short Example: short film, short

How to find 4K or HD videos only on YouTube?

search query to get 4K videos only on YouTube

If you want to see HD (High-definition) videos only in YouTube search results, then add keyword hd to the search query. Example: avatar, hd To get only 4K Ultra High Definition videos in search results, add 4K to the search query. Example: movie, 4K

Backup your WhatsApp data to Google Drive

You can backup your WhatsApp data (messages, photos, videos) to Google drive automatically. Follow below steps. On Android phone Open WhatsApp Goto Chats screen Click on Menu (right-upper corner, three dots in vertical) Goto Settings Click on Chats Click on Chat backup In Google Drive Settings, select your google account, how frequently you want to […]

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