How to install WhatsApp on Windows computer?

You can install WhatsApp on your computer if your PC operating system is Windows 8+ (or newer). Below are the simple steps. Goto Click the WhatsApp download button for Windows PC. A file named “WhatsAppSetup.exe” is downloaded. Click on above downloaded exe file to install WhatsApp on your computer or PC or laptop Once […]

8 steps to install WhatsApp on Android Tablet without SIM card

Steps to install WhatsApp on Android tablet without SIM card. Goto Settings-> Security Select “Unknown sources” to enable your tablet to install apps from unknown sources Copy below secure link from official website of whatsapp and paste it into your browser such as Google chrome or any other browser Above link opens latest […]

Combine multiple columns data to single column [Excel VBA]


If you want to combine multiple columns data to a single column using excel VBA, then use below code. Below macro combines data of 10 columns and displays it in first column. Change numOfColumns variable value as per your requirement.

Remove blank rows inside cell [excel VBA]


We can create new line/row inside a cell by pressing ALT+ENTER in MS Excel. If you come across a situation where you want to remove blank rows/lines inside the cell, then you can’t remove them using trim method. Below code helps you to remove them automatically using VBA code.

In the above code Chr(10) […]

[Excel VBA code] Convert a string to Uppercase letters


Excel VBA code to convert a string to uppercase letters. It converts all lowercase letters to uppercase.


VBA code to capitalize each word of a string [Excel]


Below is the Excel VBA code to capitalize each word of a string.


Main domain .htaccess file affects addon domain [SOLVED]

If the rewrite rules in main domain’s .htaccess file are affecting the addon domain, then add below code (at end) in main domain’s .htaccess file. You can find the .htaccess file at public_html/ <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?addondomain\.com Rewriterule .* – [L] </IfModule> Note: Replace addondomain in above code with your addon domain In […]

DOS command to list files in a directory into a text file


Looking for DOS command to create file listing of a folder and its sub-folders into a text file? Here are the simple steps. Before using the commands, do below steps Open Command Prompt Goto the folder path from where you want to list the files.  Run below commands In below examples, C:\Main-Folder\Folder> is the folder path […]

Strip trailing whitespaces from string [Python]


If you want to remove extra whitespaces from start and end of a string, use strip() method in Python. strip() method removes all default whitespaces (spaces and tabs \t) and returns the copy of the string. Python code to strip trailing whitespaces from string

Note: Code works in both Python 2 and 3 Output […]

Python: Position of next occurrence of a sub-string


Python code to get the position of next or second occurrence of a sub-string within a string.

Note: Above code works in both Python 2 and Python 3 Output:

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