How to create a link to open a PDF file in new tab [HTML]

button link image to open a PDF document in new browser window

Steps to create a HTML link to open a PDF file in new tab. It opens PDF file in new tab on a single click. HTML text link to open a PDF file in new tab For example, below is the PDF file path HTML code to open above PDF file in new window […]

How to Find Animated images in Google search

select animated type image search image

If you want to find only animated images in Google search, follow below steps. Steps to Find Animated images in Google Goto Google Image Search Type the search word (Ex:images) in Google search bar and press ENTER to load the results Now, Click on Tools Click on Type and Select Animated It displays only animated images […]

Restrict Google Image Search results to one Website

google image search bar photo

If you want to search Google images restricted to one website, then follow below steps. Suppose, if you want to limit Google image search results to then do as explained below. Get images within a website Goto Google Image Search Type in Google image search bar (see below pic) Click on search button. It […]

Create direct download link for images in WordPress

convert-image-link-to-direct-download-link photo

You can convert an image link to a direct download link in WordPress. Just click on the image to download it directly to your PC. Below are the steps. Steps to convert an image link to direct download link Open the post where you want to convert the image to direct download link Click on […]

Fix “Submitted URL not selected as canonical” in Search console

Recently i observed that 39 URLs are excluded in the index coverage page on my site’s search console. When i checked them, few are shown with error ” Submitted URL not selected as canonical”. I followed below steps and figured out the root cause. There might be many reasons for this error, but im sharing it […]

Fix WordPress m=1 redirect issue from Blogger Mobile URL using htaccess

If you have moved your blog from blogger to self hosted wordpress platform, then you likely to see 404 or page not found errors in webmaster tools for URLs ending with ?m=1.These are blogger mobile version URLs. Blogger adds m=1 to all mobile version URLs. After you migrated your site from blogger to wordpress, those blogger […]

Enable Hotlink protection using .htaccess file

What is “Hotlink” or “bandwidth theft”? Hotlink is direct linking of a website’s files (images, videos etc). For example, If someone wants to display your website image on their site, and if they use the image’s URL to display it , then it is called Hot linking. Here, your image is directly linked on other […]

Setup auto reply in Gmail | Out of Office or vacation


When you’ll be on vacation or out of office or can’t access internet, then you can use Gmail’s “Vacation Responder” to notify the people that you are out of office or on vacation. Before you go for vacation, you can setup your auto reply message, start and end dates in Vacation Responder. So, when you […]