Excel combine multiple cells into one separated by comma [Quick Way]


Excel function to combine multiple cells into one separated by comma. This is the quick way to combine cells separated by any specified delimiter. Use TEXTJOIN() function, which combines the text from multiple cells or ranges separated by the specified delimiter (comma, semi colon or any other). Syntax of TEXTJOIN function TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, [text2], […]

How to get alternate column data from Excel sheet

Add a row as first row and add numbers in columns as 1,2,1,2 etc. Then highlight your entire range of data. Go to Data menu -> select Sort and Options… Change your Orientation to “Sort Left and Right”. Choose row 1 as sort by and Smallest to Largest. Excel will be changed with alternate column […]

How to backup/Restore blogger blog theme? 2019 [With Images]

Below article guides you on how to backup/restore theme/template on blogger blog with images. This is useful for new blogspot bloggers. Backup blogger blog theme Login to your blogger blog account Goto Theme On top-right, you will see Backup / Restore button. Click on it. 4. Click on Download Theme button. Your blogger template/theme will […]

How to add related posts with thumbnails on blogspot blog? 2019


Below article shows the simple way to add a related posts with thumbnails widget on blogspot blogger. It uses labels to display the related posts below post content. Things to do before blogger blog theme update: Backup blogger blog theme. If you get into any issue after update, you can restore/revert to the original theme. […]

C plus plus code to Print Character using ASCII value


This article provides C plus plus source code to print character using ASCII value. It gets the ASCII value input from user and prints the corresponding character. C++ Source code to print character from ASCII value #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int asciiValue; //Input the ASCII value cout << “Enter ASCII value: […]

Print ASCII value of a character [C Plus Plus]


Below is the source code to print ASCII value of a character entered by the user. CPP source code to print a character’s ASCII value #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char character; //Input the character cout << “Type a character and hit ENTER: “; // Read the character cin >> character; // […]

C plus plus code to remove special characters from a string [C++]


Below is the C plus plus source code to remove special characters other than alphabets (excluding upper and lower case letters). // C++ source code to remove special characters other than alphabets from a string #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { string str; cout << “Enter a string with special characters: “; // […]

C plus plus code to Extract/Replace String between two delimiters


This article shows the C plus plus (C++) code to extract/replace a sub-string between two delimiters or characters using find and substr functions. Extract String between two delimiters For example, if you want to extract the string between two delimiters “[” and “]” from Sri[nivas]an , then the CPP code will be #include <iostream> using […]

Develop Mobile Apps online without coding

This post tells you how to build mobile and web apps online without any coding required. Bubble.io site provides a visual programming tool where you can build the apps without code. For a quick start, you can go through their tutorials to understand the visual programming tool. After that, you can quickly build production-ready apps.

Easy way to Call C++ function from python

This post teaches you how to call a C++ (cpp) code or function from python. Step 1: Develop a C wrapper for CPP as mentioned below Assume you have a C++ DLL project with CPP files and HPP files Create CLibrary.H and CLibrary.C files and add to C++ DLL project CLibrary.H should contain following code. […]