Python: Replace/remove string between two delimiters/characters

This Python code helps you to to replace a string between two delimiters or characters delete/remove string between two characters or delimiters Python code to replace string between two delimiters

Python code to delete/remove string between two characters/delimiters Replace 5th line of above code with below one

Note: This code works in both […]

Python script to extract string between two delimiters

Simple python script to extract sub string between two delimiters of a string. Examples of delimiters are brackets, parentheses, braces, single or double quotes etc. You can also customize this code to extract the string between two special characters or two sub strings. Comments on each line of code explains you to easily understand the code. Note: […]

VBA macro to find duplicates in excel


VBA macro to find duplicates in excel sheet. This macro finds the duplicates in user selected range and highlights them in light red color. VBA code to find and highlight duplicates

Add above code to your excel workbook How to use this macro Select the range (column/row/columns and rows…) in which you want to […]

Macro to extract file name from file path [Excel VBA]

Excel VBA macro to extract file name from file path. This macro extracts the string (file name) which is between dot (.) and backslash(\) delimiters (from right side).

VBA macro to delete empty columns in excel

Excel VBA macro to delete empty columns. Just run this macro, enter number of columns you want to check and the macro checks (starting from first column) and deletes all empty columns within the selected number of columns. In the macro, you can also find VBA syntax to delete empty row and to check whether a […]

2 easy ways to compare cells string data in excel

This article explains how to compare two cells of text string value. There are two easy ways to compare the cells having text strings in excel. Using EXACT function This function compares two text strings and returns TRUE if they are exactly equal, FALSE otherwise. EXACT function does case sensitive comparison/match i.e. it treats Why […]

Check if a cell value contains capital letter in Excel


If you want to check if a cell value (text string) contains at least one uppercase letter in excel, then use below function. =NOT(EXACT(LOWER(A1),A1)) Note: A1 is the cell number Above function returns TRUE if the cell value contains atleast one uppercase letter FALSE if the cell value has all lowercase letters         […]

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