Develop Mobile Apps online without coding

This post tells you how to build mobile and web apps online without any coding required. site provides a visual programming tool where you can build the apps without code. For a quick start, you can go through their tutorials to understand the visual programming tool. After that, you can quickly build production-ready apps.

Easy way to Call C++ function from python

This post teaches you how to call a C++ (cpp) code or function from python. Step 1: Develop a C wrapper for CPP as mentioned below Assume you have a C++ DLL project with CPP files and HPP files Create CLibrary.H and CLibrary.C files and add to C++ DLL project CLibrary.H should contain following code. […]

Easiest ways to find the python version installed on Windows PC


This post teaches you how to find the python version installed on your Windows PC. I used windows 10 here. Related: Easy steps to install Python on Windows Method 1: Using Command Prompt Open command Prompt. Type CMD in Windows search bar and click on Command prompt in the search results. Type python and ENTER. […]

Redirect rule | subdomain to main domain | htaccess

If you have a subdomain and want to redirect it to your main domain, then this post provides the redirect rule that you have to add in .htaccess file in sub-domain’s root directory. Also read: Serve static content like images from subdomain to increase website page speed For example, if your subdomain is and […]

View mobile version of a website on desktop PC using Google Chrome


Below are the simple steps to simulate/view mobile version of a website on a desktop PC using Google Chrome browser. You can simulate the mobile device dimensions including all iPhone models, Samsung and Blackberry phones. Also, you can add the view of any custom device if the phone you are looking is not available in […]

How to create a local link on HTML page? [WordPress]

If you have a long post, then you can create links to different sections on the same page to improve the user experience. These are called local links. If you add local links at the beginning or end, users can quickly jump to the section by just clicking on those links. Below are the simple […]

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError [Resolved]

Recently i installed latest version of java SDK on 64-bit Windows 10 OS. I wrote a small java program, I was able to compile the program, but when i ran the program ,i got below error. Error: A JNI Error has occured, please check your installation and try again Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: main/Main […]

WordPress theme similar to

If you want to create a affiliate site like thisiswhyimbroke website , then you need a wordpress theme that thisiswhyimbroke has. You can get a similar theme having required features from ThemeCountry Theme name is Wiral. It is a premium theme. You can go to below link to buy the theme

Simple steps to install/uninstall pygame on windows [using pip]

Below are the simple steps to install pygame on Windows Operating system. Steps to install Pygame Install Python on Windows if you have not installed it Goto download pygame Goto Navigation  -> click Download files Download the latest version of pygame source file (.tar.gz file) Download the pygame package by clicking on pygame.x.x.x.tar.gz file link (x.x.x […]