Simple steps to delete or uninstall WordPress theme


Below are the simple steps to delete or uninstall wordpress theme. Note: Make sure you have one active theme before deleting unnecessary free themes. Steps to delete or uninstall wordpress theme Login into your WordPress site On left side, click on Appearance -> Themes You will see all the themes installed on your WordPress site Hover […]

Block user agent libwww-perl to improve wordpress site security

Libwww-perl is a user agent that is commonly used by hackers to attack on your site. Libwww-perl are botnet scripts that look for vulnerabilities in your software. We should block them to eliminate attacks on your site which improves your site security. It is very simple to block user agent libwww-perl Copy below two lines and […]

NoIndex Feedburner feed to avoid duplicate content


If you are getting your Feedburner feeds in search engine’s search results, it means your feed is indexed by them. You may get ‘duplicate content’ issue and It is bad for your site SEO. Below are the simple steps to prevent or noindex feedburner feed from being indexed by search engines. Steps:  Goto your Feedburner […]

Best wordpress plugin to clean and optimize database


When you uninstall a plugin/theme on wordpress, either manual or automatic, many times it doesn’t get removed completely. Some support files of that plugin/theme/app still left in your wordpress MySQL database. They don’t serve any purpose as their parent application (plugin/theme) is uninstalled. As your site gets older, you may install and uninstall many plugins and […]

VBA code to remove white spaces from a string in excel


VBA code to remove white spaces from a string in excel. Simple method is, use Replace() function.



VBA code to print a string in double quotes in excel


Below is the VBA code to put double quotes (quotation marks) for a string in excel. We can use CHR() function to print special characters like double quotes in excel VBA.

Example: Below is the VBA macro to print a string in double quotes (quotation marks (” “))


VBA macro to remove special characters from a string in excel


Simple VBA macro code to remove special characters from a string in excel. You can remove either all special characters or choose which special characters to remove from the string. This macro retrieves each character from the string and checks whether it belongs to A-Z,a-z,0-9 or a space.If it belongs then it stores them into another […]

Easy steps to install Python on Windows


Below are the easy steps to install and setup python on Windows (I tried with Windows 10). click here to read Python2 or Python3? Download Python from Install it on your C drive Search PowerShell from Start menu or Windows search box. Click on it to open. Type python in your PowerShell (Terminal) If you get […]

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