How to fix “This webpage has too many redirects” error on wordpress?


If you see “This webpage has too many redirects” or “This webpage has a redirect loop” error while opening any web page or site, then follow the steps explained in this article. This error will be shown differently on different browsers. On Firefox: “The page isn’t redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is […]

One step to filter unread messages in MS outlook?


You can filter all the unread messages in MS outlook. Follow below steps if you would like to see only unread messages. Step: Goto navigation pane (left-side). Under Search folders, click on “Unread Mail” search folder ( see below pic) It displays all the unread mails across all your outlook folders.

Best wordpress plugin to place adsense ads inside the post


If you are looking for a wordpress plugin to insert ads inside the blog post, Quick Adsense is the best one. Using Quick adsense plugin, you can quickly place the ads anywhere inside or outside the blog post and also on sidebar. Placing adsense or any other ads inside post increases the CTR and generates […]

Two ways to access Hostgator cPanel login page

If you have purchased  Linux hosting plan on Hostgator, it proviides a cPanel, a web hosting account management tool where you can access all domains, sub domains. If you don’t know how to login to cPanel, below are the two easy ways to do so. When you purchase any Linux hosting plan on HostGator, you will receive your account […]

How to download videos from Instagram?


Below are the simple steps to download videos from Instagram. You can download videos posted on Instagram. Steps: Right-click on the video Select “Copy Link address” Goto Zasasa Paste the Link address Click Download! Click on “Download Video (MP4 file)!” Done. The video downloads to your PC/Mobile Phone. Note: Above steps tested on Google Chrome browser.

How to finalize an already burnt CD in Nero?


If you have burnt CD without finalizing it using Nero, don’t worry, It is easy to finalize it. Follow below steps to finalize an already burnt CD/DVD in Nero. Steps: Insert the already burnt CD into CD drive Open “Nero Essentials” Click on Data->Data CD . You will see Disc content on the CD. Click […]

10 steps to change nameservers on Godaddy with HostGator nameservers?


If you purchased a hosting plan on HostGator and raised a ticket to migrate your wordpress site from Godaddy to HostGator, after successful migration of your wordpress site content you will get a mail asking you to change the nameservers on GoDaddy with those provided by HostGator in the mail. Nameservers point to your site where […]

How to fix Yoast SEO XML sitemap 404 error on wordpress?

If your site Yoast SEO XML sitemap is throwing 404 error- page not found; it means that the sitemap page (sitemap index page) doesn’t exist. It badly effects your SEO, if you are using it in webmaster tools (Google, Yahoo etc). There are many reasons for this issue. Below are the basic reasons most of […]

Does wordpress update overwrite wp-config.php file?

No. When you download wordpress first time, it doesn’t include wp-config.php file. During wordpress installation, it creates wp-config.php file in the root directory of your wordpress site. Later, you can customize it by adding any code into it like I explained in my last article. When wordpress is updated, it doesn’t overwrite wp-config.php file. Note: […]