Is your phone memory full with photos? Here is what you’ve to do

Suppose, you went outside and want to take photos with your Smartphone.  At some point, suddenly you will see the message “Memory is full”. So, to click new photos, instant solution is free up some memory by deleting the captured photos. But, in case, you don’t want to delete the photos and you want to take photos as many as you want, then below are the simple methods that you can follow.

Use Flickr to store your captured photos

Flickr offers free online storage up to 1TB (1000 GB). Just install Flickr’s app on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With Auto-upload feature, the photos on your phone will be automatically uploaded into your Flickr account. Once, the captured images are successfully uploaded to Flickr, delete them on your phone memory. So, you can easily retrieve the original photos from Flickr at anytime. Like this, you can take unlimited photos with your phone without bothering about “Memory full” message. If you think online storage is a privacy concern, just copy them to your personal PC after going home and delete all you photos from Flickr. If you want to see the photos on your phone anywhere, at anytime, then just keep them in Flickr in “Private”.


  1. The images uploaded to Flickr are set to “Public” by default. Make sure to set the option to “Private”. So, no one else can see your photos; only for your eyes. Later you can set your photos to public if you want others to see.
  2. If you want to manually upload the photos to Flickr, then disable Flickr’s Auto-upload

Download Flickr app for your phone


Google+ also has Auto-backup feature. The main advantage of Google+ over Flickr is that the photos uploaded to Google+ are “Private” by default. So, you can forget about the privacy of your photos. Later, you can share it with anyone, if you want. Google+ offers unlimited storage for the photos and videos on your phone, but they should be in standard size (not more than 2048 pixels). If the photos are more than standard size, then the storage counts against your Google drive storage (i.e. 15 GB for free plan).  Once, Google drive storage is full, then uploading photos get backed up at standard size (Here photo resolution matters).

You can change the default “Auto Backup” settings. You can turn ON/OFF Auto Backup, schedule it and perform auto-backup while charging only.

Download Google+ app for your phone

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