Re import all posts from blogger to wordpress

Suppose you imported all the posts from blogger to wordpress site and at the end, you found that something went wrong. If you want to re import all posts from blogger to wordpress, then follow below steps.


1. Goto Tools -> import


2. Click “Blogger”


3. Look at the blogger from where you want to reimport all the posts. If you have already imported all the posts, then the action button is shown as “Set authors” instead of “import


4. So, to reimport all the posts, you need to delete the already imported posts from your wordpress site. To do that, Goto Posts -> all posts


5. Select all the blogger posts and select “Move to trash” from bulk actions drop down menu and click “Apply”. Now all the posts have (deleted) moved to trash.


6. Click “Trash”. You see all the deleted (moved to trash) posts.


7.Click “empty trash” to permanently delete all the posts from wordpress site


8. Repeat steps 1 to 3, if you see “set authors” as action button, click on “Refresh blog list” button


9. Once the refresh is done, the action button sets from “set authors” to “Import”


That’s it. Now, you can import the posts from blogger by clicking on the import button of corresponding blogger blog.