16 steps to record desktop screen with YouTube

To record computer screen and upload it to YouTube, normally we follow below steps

  1. Download and Install a screencasting software
  2. Click on “Record” button to record selected desktop screen
  3. Upload the created video to YouTube

But, in this article, im going to explain how you can record desktop screen with YouTube, without using any desktop software. For this, you should have a YouTube account and a web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox etc)

Steps for recording desktop screen using YouTube

  1. Log-in to your YouTube with Google account.
  2. Click on “Upload” button (Upper-right corner).
  3. On right-side, click on “Get Started” button under Live Streaming.Live-streaming-youTube

Note: If you have never used Live Streaming before, YouTube may ask you to verify phone number to                 enable Live Streaming features.

  1. On left-side, under “Live Streaming”, click on “Events”.YouTube-Livestreaming-Events-section
  2. On top-right side, click on “New Live event”.
  3. On the event page, give a title and description for the event.
  4. Set privacy of the video either to Private or Unlisted (Later, you can change it to Public if you want to share with everyone).example-showing-create-event-on-youTube
  5. On right-side, click on “Go live now ” button.
  6. You will get a confirmation pop-up, click OK button. This opens a Google Hangout on Air page.youtube-livestreaming-confirmation
  7. You can click on microphone and video icons (at top) if you don’t want to record audio and video respectively.Turn-OFF-camera-microphone-YouTube-screencast
  8. Now, click on “Screenshare” button on left-side. A pop-up window opens.Screenshare-button-to-record-screen-using-youTube
  9. Select the window which you want to record and click on “Share” button.selecting-screen-to-record-YouTube-live-streaming
  10. Click on “Start Broadcast” button to record the screen/window.
  11. Click on “Stop Broadcast” to stop the recording.
  12. Click on “Stop sharing” button (at bottom) and close Google Hangout on Air page.
  13. Goto “events” under “Live Streaming” to view your recorded video.

You can either download the recorded YouTube video to your PC or share it on YouTube with everyone by changing its privacy from “Private” to “Public”.

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