Search Google like a Boss

Here are a few simple searching techniques which help you to search on Google. Use symbols or words to get effective search results.

If you want to search within a specific website – Type Example: site:

If you want to see similar sites of a specific website, type – Example:

To get results with exact word, use “Quotation Marks” – Example: “I love you Dad”

To search within two number ranges, use Two Periods (..) – Example: TV shows 1970.. 1980

To search websites having one or two or all search query words, use Vertical Bar (|) – Example: Shoes | Pant | Shirt

To exclude a word from search results, use hyphen (-) before that word – Example: Coffee -Sugar

To get search results including synonym of a word, use Tilde (~) before that word – Ex: ThanksGiving ~deals

To search for websites linking to a specific URL, use link:site_URL Example:

google search shortcut words and symbols


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