Search for multiple strings within a cell [Excel VBA macro]

Below is the macro if you want to

  • search for multiple strings within an excel cell
  • check if a cell contains multiple text strings
  • check if a cell contains one or more sub-strings

I used four strings to search for in below macro, you can increase or decrease the count based on your requirement.

VBA Macro to search for multiple strings within a cell

Sub checkMultipleStringsInCell()
' Suppose subStr1,subStr2,subStr3 and subStr4 are the strings that you want check in a excel cell
' Below condition checks whether the excel cell has all above strings
' If the cell contains them, it prints "Found the cell"
If InStr(ActiveCell.Value, subStr1) > 0 And InStr(ActiveCell.Value, subStr2) > 0 And _
   InStr(ActiveCell.Value, subStr3) > 0 And InStr(ActiveCell.Value, subStr4) > 0 Then
MsgBox ("Found the cell")
MsgBox ("Not found")
End If
End Sub

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