Easy steps to install Python on Windows

Below are the easy steps to install and setup python on Windows (I tried with Windows 10).

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    1. Download Python from https://www.python.org/downloads/
    2. Install it on your C drive
    3. Search PowerShell from Start menu or Windows search box. Click on it to open.
    4. Type python in your PowerShell (Terminal)
    5. If you get any error or python is not recognized, then type below one and press ENTER

[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable(“Path”,”$env:Path;C:\Python27″, “User”)

           Note: Replace C:\Python27 with path where you installed python on C drive (step 1)

6. Restart PowerShell

7.Type python and press ENTER. It will show python version installed on your PC.

Type exit() and press ENTER to exit python

Python-installation-check-on-windows             8. If you still get any error, restart your PC and try. It works 🙂