Things to remember while selecting a domain name

Registering a domain name for your business is easy.But, few things, you should seriously consider while selecting it to promote your brand and to get upper hand over your competitors.

How to select a domain name

1. Make it as short as possible – short names are easy to remember
2. Make it easy to spell – Easy to pronounce and spell
3. Make sure you should not violate some other’s trademark by selecting domain name similar to them or confusing with other domain names.
4. .com is the most popular top level domain. So, if your business is global then it is better to choose .com
5. If your business is country specific, then choose country specific domain extension ex: “” for India
6.  If you want to get organic traffic from search results, then choose the domain name having main keyword of your business or site.
7. If your marketing focus is on paid search such as banner ads,TV ads and buzz building, then it is better to have a catchy brandable name for your site.
8. Obtain similar domain names (.org,.net etc) to avoid competitors confusing your customers.
9. Obtain misspellings of your domain name to avoid your competitors to take advantage of those misspellings
10. If you have a plan to offer something related to your product or service, obtain those domain names also. Else others will buy and you will be in trouble.
11. Finally, link to your main domain name from similar domains to get top in search engine rankings.

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