Try different hairstyles | Get Instructions to achieve that look | LOREAL’s free app

LOREAL has a free hair styler app with that you can try on different hairstyles and also get instructions and products to achieve that look. Just upload a photo of you and try the hairstyles. You can filter the hairstyles by choosing your face type and hair length.

Once you styled the hair with one of the hairstyles, click on “Get this look” button to get the instructions on how to get that look. Also, it suggests you the products to use to get that hairstyle.

if you want to goto a salon to get that hairstyle, there is an option to enter city name and Zip code, that finds out the hairdresser in your city.

1. Goto LOREAL Virtual MakeOver APP

2. Click “Pick From Gallery” to upload your photo

3. Click on “Use This Picture” to proceed

4. On right-side, you will have Hairstyles, color and effects. Click on “Filter by length” and “Filter by face shape” and select your hair length and face shape to filter hairstyles.

photo of hairstyles,color and effect

5. Choose the hairstyles and try. Once you are satisfied with one of them, click on “Get this look” button.

get this look button photo

6. It displays the instructions and products to achieve the hairstyle that you selected. An example is displayed below.

photo of instructions and products to get hair style



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