Simple setting to turn off community posts appear on your Google+ profile

This tip is very helpful for those who normally share posts/content on their Google+ communities.

By default, whatever you share with public on Google+, it appears on your profile page. That’s fine. But, if you share the same post on multiple communities where you are a member, then your profile viewers start seeing the same post that many times on your profile. It looks spammy and annoying right?

But, Google+ has a setting that lets you prevent showing up your communities posts on your profile page. Below are the steps to enable/disable that option to turn off community posts.

Steps to disable community posts on Google plus profile

  1. Login to
  2. Goto Home (top-left) -> click on “SettingsGoogle plus profile settings
  3. Goto Profile section -> just uncheck “Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile” option.turn off community posts on Google plus profile


Note:  The community posts will be visible to members of those communities regardless of whether you enable/disable this setting.

Steps to see how your Google+ profile looks to public

  1. Goto Home (top-left)->Click on “Profile
  2. Click on “View profile as” drop downSeeing Google plus profile as Public
  3. Select “Public”. Now, you will see how your profile looks for your profile visitors.

You won’t see your communities posts here. No spam 🙂

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