7 steps to update wordpress manually

If you are not able to update wordpress automatically, then try steps in below article


If you are still not able to fix the wordpress auto update issue, then install/update wordpress manually.

Steps to update wordpress manually

  1. Download the latest wordpress version from https://wordpress.org/download/
  2. It is a zip file. Unzip it. Inside the folder, you will see a folder with name “wordpress”
  3. Login to your wordpress web host using FTP. Via FTP, first backup your wordpress website files from the server.
  4. Via FTP, upload the extracted files (inside wordpress folder) to web host. Normally, it copies all new files directly and if any file with same name already exists then it popups a confirmation window. Click on “Overwrite all”. Wait until all new files uploaded successfully to web host.
  5. Now login to site wp-admin. You will see “Database update required” message.

Wordpress-database-update-message     If you don’t see, check all your plugins are updated, if not, update them.

6.   Click on “Update WordPress Database”

7.   Another message will be shown after successful update. Click on “Continue” button.


Done. You have successfully updated wordpress manually.

Check at down-right of the wp-admin page. You will see latest wordpress version installed on your  site.

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