Easy ways to watch YouTube videos in slow motion or fast motion

It is easy to watch YouTube videos in slow motion or fast-motion. The YouTube player lets you set the playback speed of videos.

Below article explains step by step instructions to play the YouTube video in slow or fast motion.

Steps to play YouTube videos in slow-motion or fast-motion

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Open any video
  3. To watch the video in slow or fast motion, click on “Settings” button (see below pic)
  4. Select “Speed”, by default the video is in “Normal” mode, you will see playback speed options.play-YouTube-videos-slow-fast-motion-settings

Note: If you don’t see “Speed” option, it means that your browser is using default Flash based video player.  Go to youtube.com/html5, opt into HTML5 YouTube video player. Refresh the browser; you will see “speed” settings.  If you still have any problem, open the video in other browser and try.

  1. Select 25,x0.5 to play video in slow motion
  2. Select x1.25,x1.5,x2 to play video in fast motion

But, only the disadvantage is that you can select only the speed which is given (steps 5 and 6). If you want to have finer control over the speed, read below one.

Media players like VLC media player, you can open a YouTube or any video just by simply entering its URL and watch it in slow-motion or fast-motion with finer control over its speed.

VLC media player to watch YouTube video in slow-motion or fast-motion

  1. Open VLC media player (make sure you have the updated one, else download)
  2. Go to VLC Menu -> Open Media -> click “Open Network …”watch-YouTube-video-slow-fast-in-VLC-media-player
  3. Enter YouTube video URL and click on “Play” buttonPlay-YouTube-video-in-VLC-media-player
  4. Video starts playing. To watch it in slow-motion or fast-motion, select speed control buttons (see below pic)slow-fast-speed-in-VLC-media-player

That’s it. Happy watching 🙂

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