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Prevent Command Prompt from closing automatically

If you have observed that command prompt closes automatically after it’s execution, this article explains you how to fix that. I noticed it when i executed a batch file. It opened the command prompt, executed the commands and disappeared immediately after execution is completed. Stop Command Prompt from closing automatically Add /K after each command. […]

How to: Open command prompt using search box on windows

open command prompt as administrator on windows

Launch command prompt using search box on task bar Type Command Prompt in the search box on the task bar Click on Command Prompt Desktop app (see below pic) If you want to run command prompt as administrator, then right click on Command Prompt result and click on Run as administratorNote: This guide is applicable […]

Delete old Windows installation files to save memory on your computer


If you have installed/updated windows new version , delete old windows installation files by following below steps to save lot of memory on your PC or laptop Goto Windows start menu -> search for “Disk cleanup” and Run 2.Hit ‘ cleanup system files’ 3.wait for it to calculate 4.Locate ‘ previous windows installations’ 5. Select […]

3 Steps to disable lock screen on windows


Disable lock screen on Microsoft windows operating system in 3 simple steps. You can prevent your PC from screen lock. Steps to disable windows lock screen 1. Goto C:\Windows\SystemApps 2. Look for Microsoft.LockApp_cw5nlh2txyewy3. add   .bak to end of that folder name That’s it. Windows lock screen is disabled. Notes: 1. You can’t disable this for […]

How to install WhatsApp on Windows computer?

You can install WhatsApp on your computer if your PC operating system is Windows 8+ (or newer). Below are the simple steps. Goto Click the WhatsApp download button for Windows PC. A file named “WhatsAppSetup.exe” is downloaded. Click on above downloaded exe file to install WhatsApp on your computer or PC or laptop Once […]

DOS command to list files in a directory into a text file


Looking for DOS command to create file listing of a folder and its sub-folders into a text file? Here are the simple steps. Before using the commands, do below steps Open Command Prompt Goto the folder path from where you want to list the files.  Run below commands In below examples, C:\Main-Folder\Folder> is the folder path […]

Windows command to know Wi-Fi password of your current network


When you connect your computer to a WiFi network, first time you will ask the WiFi admin for the password and enters that. If you have selected “automatically connect to this network”, then next time onwards your computer will be connected to that particular WiFi network automatically without re-entering the password. Suppose, if you want other […]

How to assign a hotkey to Snipping tool in Windows 10?


Snipping tool, a basic screen capturing tool in Windows, allows you to capture any type of screenshots such as free form, window, rectangular and full screen. Unfortunately, there is no keyboard shortcut or hotkey to open the snipping tool. However, we can assign a shortcut key to the tool in Windows. This article explains you […]

FC command | File comparison using Windows CMD


FC command compares the contents of text or binary files and can compare both Unicode and ASCII text. Syntax: FC [pathname1] [pathname2] Or FC /B [pathname1] [pathname2] Usage 1:  Suppose two files file1.txt and file2.txt are on Desktop (in the same folder/directory), then Open Command prompt-> change the directory to Desktop and use the FC command as shown below. If […]

How to finalize an already burnt CD in Nero?


If you have burnt CD without finalizing it using Nero, don’t worry, It is easy to finalize it. Follow below steps to finalize an already burnt CD/DVD in Nero. Steps: Insert the already burnt CD into CD drive Open “Nero Essentials” Click on Data->Data CD . You will see Disc content on the CD. Click […]