WordPress: Change Category or Tag base URL prefix?

By default, WordPress adds /category/ prefix to category base URL, and /tag/ prefix to tag base URLs.
This article shows you how to change them to some meaningful name and get SEO benifits.

Ex: example.com/category/CategoryName, example.com/tag/TagName

For example if you want to change category LRU base name from /category/ to /topics/ and tag LRU base from /tag/ to /wordpress/, then follow below steps.

How to Change Category or Tag base prefix?

  1. Goto WordPress Dashboard -> Settings – > Permalinks
  2. In the Optional Section -> Category base, enter your custom prefix Ex: topics
  3. In the same section, enter custom prefix in Tag base field Ex: wordpress
  4. Click on Save Changes to apply above changes

Now the URLs look like below

example.com/topics/CategoryName, example.com/wordpress/TagName

Note: Replace category base and tag base (topics and wordpress in above example) with your custom names.

Remove category base prefix from URLs in WordPress?

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